Monday, January 27, 2014

Building doorstep at a time

Hello to my unbelievably amazing family...and friends :)

I can't believe another week has gone by and again I have SO much to say!!!! 

You are all probably very interested in how I am actually still alive in this weather - and that is a VERY good question. 
It has been about -18 degrees (C) which is COLD. 
Then the wind blows and the snow hits your is the cold that takes your breath away. But we still have to contact people so we walk from door to door or talk to people downtown until we get to the point where our faces are literally frozen and we can't talk anymore..our mouths no longer move and people have no idea what we're saying. It's a little bit funny..but mostly just embarrassing. But I AM surviving and am so happy to be here!!!

However, this week has been hard. I have learned a lot about Heavenly Father's timing and the importance of NEVER GIVING UP. 

We started the week hopeful, we knew we were going to find new investigators and that we would be able to teach several powerful lessons. BUT as the week progressed, the cold was somewhat unbearable and all of our lesson's fell through. We went from house to house trying to contact referrals and potential investigators but no one answered the door or our phone calls. We were quickly becoming discouraged. We couldn't spend every hour of every day knocking and street contacting - though they DO build character, the cold makes it impossible and no one wants to talk anyway. 

One night we returned to our little, stinky apartment and decided we needed to give everything to the Lord. We planned to fast the next day - we fasted for the faith to keep going. The faith to find just one new investigator. We fasted to understand what the Lord was trying to teach us. The next morning we read in preach my gospel - 
"Do not become discouraged, discouragement will weaken your faith." 

So we smiled a lot and came up with more ideas to find people (we are trying to get in the newspaper, volunteering at the hospital, museums, food bank, trying to set up a mall display, ETC ETC) . We decided that we would continue to work hard and that the Lord would meet us halfway. 

Throughout the rest of the week I felt a lot happier, people still didn't want to talk, we still hadn't found an investigator AND I still haven't actually taught a lesson to an investigator but I have gained a lot of confidence, it doesn't hurt my feelings when nobody wants to hear our message, I just feel sad for them...they really don't know what they are missing. I also began to recognize the Lord's hand in my life - he was helping me be happy, he made one of the nights 1 degree (1 positive degree :) ) and I can't tell you the world of difference that it made..I could have knocked FOR DAYS in that warmth (wink wink but seriously). 

I know I was put in this area for a reason. Halifax is a hard mission and Fredericton is a hard area but WE CAN DO HARD THINGS so I am not giving up. The Lord is preparing his children, I know that he is preparing someone for me to teach...I just have to find them and I know that I will. I am hopeful and I can't wait. 

I am sooooo happy that Adelide had her first baptism. I can't imagine the joy she must have felt. She is amazing and this work is amazing. It truly changes us all for the better.

I love thinking of all of my amazing friends and cousins who are out serving and finding and building people up. I feel so grateful to be one of them, we are the latter day army of Heleman - we must be brave and share what we KNOW is true. I love this gospel with all that I am and I KNOW it's true with my whole heart. As I learn more and more everyday - my gratitude and love for my Savior increases and my desire to share this message grows. We are so blessed to have the truth. To know the way back home.

We have been focusing a lot on member missionary work here in the ward and I know that you don't need to hear it from me but I'll tell you anyway!!! We must share what we know whenever we can because we don't know who the Lord has prepared. And if we don't open our mouths we don't give people the opportunity to choose. The Lord doesn't need us but he allows us to be part of his work because it blesses US!!! It makes us HAPPY. 

I am always hungry which is totally weird and a problem..but they do have the most amazing maple donuts here - TO DIE FOR!! DQ is totally back. And I realized that my birthday shoutout to dad was a little soon but I wanted him to be celebrated as much as possible!!! Love you DAD - HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEK. I am going to try and send a package home soon :) 

Can't thank you enough for supporting and encouraging me. I love and miss you all SO much. Have an amazing week!!

Love, Sister G

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