Tuesday, February 18, 2014

"The cold doesn't bother me anymore...."


This week YES we were hit by the storm and it is still FREEZING but we had fun. The snow is this weird powdery type and with the crazy wind here (that literally doesn't stop blowing) snow is constantly just slamming into your face. It's funny. We got to dig our car out for church and the snow came up to our knees. We laughed a lot..and we made it safely to church. Along with 14 other members!! It was such a blessing that we were still able to take the sacrament and then we had a short testimony meeting before everyone went home. It was powerful - the spirit was strong among the few members who were there. I bore my testimony about a few scriptures I have been reading lately (D&C 6 - last couple verses and D&C 50:40 and 41 or around there, sorry) about how Heavenly Father never wants us to be afraid. That because of the Atonement we can overcome our fears and weaknesses and we can find peace and strength. I love that reminder.

Dad asked me to share a little bit about the ward - usually there are about 95-100 who come to church each week. They are amazing and I have truly grown to love and respect them. Most of them are converts, each with such profound stories about how they found the church. I love hearing them. It is amazing to recognize how real God's love is for each of us. Again, he is so mindful of all that we do and he truly prepares his people. Many of the younger families are military families who live in Oromocto (about 15 minutes outside of Fredericton) because there is a military base there. Most of the members do not live near the church but they come - to activities and church and they are all working very hard to feed us - it is SO sweet. 

I think that my whole life I have taken for granted the fact that church is only a few streets from our house and the fact that all of my friends attend with me. Here it is much different, their testimonies have to be so strong because their situations are much more difficult than mine was. 

One member (convert) told Sister Lewis, "there comes a point of no return..when it doesn't matter how hard it is to make it to church, no matter if everyone hates me or is mad at me, no matter what is going on in my life - i will go to church, I will follow the teachings of the gospel because I am past the point of no return. I will not turn my back on what I know for any reason."

Isn't that amazing? ..they are all funny and a little weird and so loving. They have really taken me in. I will always remember them. 

Yesterday since we couldn't actually get to the doors of any of the homes..the snow was piled too high..we decided to go shovel finding!!! We went with the elders and shoveled as many driveways as we could. It felt good to be serving in that way. We were working hard and having a lot of fun. 

I received a letter from dad this week and he told me about a statue of Ghandi that has this message engraved at the bottom - 
I love that. It is so simple yet so powerful. Dad said, we should all strive to live our lives so there is no question what our message is..that we are disciples of Jesus Christ. So true. As a missionary, that kind of is my life.. but I still could be better. I want people to simply look at me and KNOW..that I am a representative of the Savior of the World. Thanks dad, ILU.

Thank you for your prayers - I need them and I can feel them. I know that we will find an investigator soon. I know that when we find them that Heavenly Father will send another trial my way and I can't wait - I love every chance I have to become stronger. To draw closer to my Savior and become who HE needs me to be. 

Sorry this is scattered and crazy!!! We don't have much time today but I love you and am so thankful to have you all in my life. You are always in my prayers. I hope Will is on his way to recovery - I am so sorry for him. I hope you had the best time in Las Vegas and enjoyed the sun because I miss it!!!!! My hair is dark...and my skin is white but its ok!!! My eyes are still bright :) I miss those tournaments .. I miss soccer ..and lucy. Cute jake. I have now received two letters - THEY ARE THE BEST THING OF MY LIFE. He is soooo sweet and thoughtful and kind. 

This coming week is going to be awesome and BUSY! We are planning to drive to Maine tonight for exchanges and then we are moving into our new apartment on Friday!!!!! Yayayayayay and transfers are next week. Can you believe it? Time is moving too fast and I have too much to learn so I am striving to make the most of every minute that I have - I don't want to leave with any regrets. 

Love, Sister G

We had a Valentine's Party for the Ward!!

Freezing in the CAR!!
Sister Lewis and I built and little snowman and brought him inside!

Snow and Sunsets...the cold doesn't bother me anymore....

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