Monday, February 24, 2014

Here Comes The Sun...

we found these outfits in the OLD APARTMENT!!
So what a week!!!!! Wow! Like the title suggests THE SUN is finally coming out!! 

It has been warm the last few days and beautiful. The fresh air and melting snow makes me happy. When we were outside the other day I was remembering the soccer games in the spring - the air smelled the same!!! I loved it and it made me miss those days. 

Exchanges in Presque Isle went great, Sister Drew and I came out together so it was just the newbies figuring things out, getting lost and laughing a ton. She went to Utah State too (she is 21) and she is hilarious. We had a lot of fun together and actually had a really spiritual day. We were able to teach quite a few people and we know that Heavenly Father was helping us because the Spirit testified of our words even though we are imperfect teachers. It was wonderful to see the recent converts and their faith - it truly built my own faith. The light of Christ was shining brightly in their eyes.

Then moving and packing - harder maybe than the bike ride to crazy horse (in S.Dakota)......
We moved to the third floor of the apartment building across the street. Yes the third floor and carrying that heavy stuff up those stairs was definitely a challenge. Sister Lewis and I were laughing too hard half the time to carry anything because it was such a struggle for us..Luckily the Elders were there so they helped A TON! I am still extremely sore though..I also fell down a whole flight of stairs - in front of everyone - so much fear in my eyes (and theirs) what a sight. I was embarrassed and my arm hurt after that hahahahahhahahaha
Anyway, the new place is beautiful! It is so much cleaner and nicer. We are very lucky! And it doesn't smell like smoke or other drugs (well the hallway still does but it's ok). We are still working on unpacking but it's fun to make it our own - feels a little bit more like home. We had to go back and clean out the other apartment though - that was gross to say the least. I don't think it has been clean since the thing was much dust and stains and spiders but we laughed the whole time and got huge headaches from the bleach. It was great!! So my new address is 181 Parkside Drive #32, Fredericton New Brunswick, E3B 5L7 (L not B now) CANADA <3 

Now to transfers!! Yes I am staying here in Fredericton which I am excited about. There is much to be done! However, Sister Lewis is going back to Moncton (her first area) to speak French!!! She is excited and I am happy for her. She will do great, I will miss her though. She taught me a lot and we got along really well. My new companion has been out since September and is just coming off the rock (Newfoundland). Her name is Sister Turner and she is from Alberta. She is tall and blond and played basketball in college. Woot woot! She seems so great and I am really excited to meet her!!!

This week I have been studying 

It is a remarkable topic and something I have really needed to work on. Patience with myself, with the Lord, with the people, and with my area. I was reading in Hebrews and I received so much strength from the 12 chapter verses 1-3..LOOK IT UP!! I love how it says "let us run with patience the race that is set before us. Looking forward to CHRIST - the finisher of our faith." This life is a race, we know how to run but sometimes the finish line seems like it will never come. DON'T STOP..even if some days all you can do is walk or crawl, DON'T QUIT - there is help along the way and hope and light at the finish line. Christ endured everything for think of him - his life, his love, his light and his sacrifice next time you feel weak and exhausted - when life is stretching you to your limits - and patiently endure. That is when we see the blessings, that is when we know we are LIVING. 

Heavenly Father answers my prayers. He knows my weaknesses and is helping me overcome them. He is making me happy and testing me because he knows how strong I can be. 

He loves us. He wants us to be patient so he can bless us for BELIEVING. 

Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for helping me and encouraging me along the way. I love you all - forever

Love, Grace

PS: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EMMA AND HANNAH THIS WEEK!!! Love and miss you both so much. Hope your day is unforgettable. I got several letters this week from Will and Olivia and Jake and Sara and David's baptism invite and Callie May 
...and a package from my aggies!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! 
TWO months this week. Can't believe it's real. BYE BYE

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  1. Fun to hear how she's doing! She's a doll. Sounds like A & R need to start sending some letters!