Tuesday, July 22, 2014

extraordinary sunsets

SO the highlight of my week is hearing that you threw a birthday party for the world`s cutest dog. Those rolls or whatever are so unbelievable. They look yummy!

Thank you mom for sharing about Sarah's sweet grandpa - i love that motto. That is all we must do. Life is simple, the gospel is simple, Heavenly Father doesn't want to complicate things or confuse us. He simply wants us to live to - "WORK HARD, KEEP THE COMMANDMENTS, HAVE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE AND SHOW GRATITUDE!" It`s simple and complete.

The rest of this month consists mainly of missionary work. We are so excited about it!! We have to work so hard - transfers are on the 14th of August and there are 16 elders coming out so they will probably put elders back in New Glasgow but we have no clue what will happen. Just trying to live every day to the fullest! 

This week has been all about ENDURANCE. The word endurance in the dictionary means the ability to put up with strain, suffering, or hardship. Our numbers were low, our investigators few, we walked long hours in the hot sun (and even were sweating while it rained because it was so humid haha), we faced opposition but so it is with life. We must endure. Every day, no matter what, keep going, have patience. The Lord has given us a great promise. In Doctrine and Covenants 63:47 "He that is faithful and endureth shall overcome the world" and again in Doctrine and Covenants 101:35 "And all they who suffer persecution for my name, and endure in faith, though they are called to lay down their lives for my sake yet shall thy partake of all this glory". The blessings of the Lord ALWAYS outweigh our hardships. 

"shall we not go on in so great a cause" 

 Yesterday we sang in church again. " If the Savior stood beside me" I like to think about what I would say and do if the savior really were standing right by me everyday. We must live like He is - it is possible but it takes great discipline, obedience and faith. Sister Drew and I also taught primary - there are only five kids. So small but still a sweet experience. I love learning to teach with such simplicity. It helps you better understand the simple way we must live. 

This week I had a dream that I was teaching someone a lesson. I was testifying of Jesus Christ but I seriously felt like it was real, like I was talking out loud. The dream was so clear to me. I woke up pretty happy that my thoughts were that focused on the work and explained to Sister Drew what I had dreamt (sp?). She said, "No Sister Gochnour you were actually talking out loud. I had to shush you in the middle of your testimony because I was tired!" Oh dear! Later that day she also commented - "yeah you have definitely been out longer than me - I don't dream about that stuff." hahaha

The word extraordinary means - so unusual as to be remarkable. Exceptional. Sometimes when we are driving home after a long day I just look at the sky and it truly takes my breath away. There is something about the sunsets here in Nova Scotia. The sky is so big and deep and wide. So vast. So full of light. So beautiful. So colorful. It is truly extraordinary to live under it. We are so small in-comparison to the sky but still so important. I am thankful that we have beautiful sunsets that help us recognize that God really does exist. I am thankful for my Savior. His Atonement is so personal and real. I am thankful that He suffered for ME because He wanted to provide a way for ME to return and live with God again. He wants ME to be forgiven. He cares about my personal salvation. I simply can`t comprehend it but I am thankful. I am thankful that Heavenly Father calls ordinary people to be involved in His extraordinary work. I fell so blessed to be here. 

I love you all sooo sooo much! I am so thankful for your love, your testimonies, your examples. Thank you for inspiring me and encouraging me. Hope you fun on your trip. Be safe. Love you.
I`ll see you soon
Love, Sister Gochnour

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