Monday, July 7, 2014

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And the twins are home!! They are so so amazing. Wow, I would love to just sit down with them for a few hours and hear about their adventures and get their advice on how to return home with no regrets! 

SO hello everyone. Canada Day was good and HOT. Surprisingly not that many people were out so that was a little frustrating and we were in bed by the time the fireworks went off but we got to listen to them - so that's cool too!! Then it was a little bit hard to celebrate the 4th of July in Canada but we shot of a mento rocket...that's about it. Oh and we sang The Star Spangled Banner during companionship study - SO GOOD and so proud to be an American. But Canadians are great too :)

Basically this week was just REALLY hot and HUMID. I thought last week I was on fire - there is no comparison for the heat we faced this week. And our apartment is actually hotter than it is outside. Constant sticky skin and sweat but I shouldn't complain..we had one awesome fan and took two cold showers a day!! And drank lots of water so it was ok. And it's kind of funny when you are talking to someone and sweat is just dripping into your eyeballs and you can fill it crawling down your back - so good. Then I get those weird hives and I'm so itchy but it's worth it when you get to share the Gospel all day! Nothing can stop the work from progressing, Heavenly Father can still work through two sweaty, stinky sisters - thankfully. We now have some lovely tan lines :) hooray. And don't worry - we totally survived the tropical storm. It didn't even rain which bummed us out because I really wanted to wear my cute raincoat!! It was just crazy windy and a bunch of branches were all over the place and our power went out for a time and everything was closed down but we are safe and sound. People in the maritimes exaggerate things sometimes.

We taught Elaine the Word of Wisdom which is a challenge for her. She loves her coffee and smoking is the only way that she can relax but she wants to quit. She wants to do what is right so we all have faith that she will overcome her addiction. She is funny, during the middle of the lesson just as we were bearing testimony her phone went off, she apologized and checked it..she then threw her hands in the air and excitedly shouted; "FINALLY, she assepted me, she assepted me!!" Ummmm ok who accepted you? We learned that her cousin had finally accepted her friend request on facebook :/ hahaha it was pretty funny.

This week I have been trying to ponder more - sometimes deep thinking is a challenge for me. My mind easily wanders but I have realized the importance of pondering on eternal truths. It can build testimony and solidify our faith. 

So today I was pondering about God - our loving Heavenly Father and how the Gospel blesses families. The first two principles of the Restoration. I have been praying lately to feel God's love. To get a confirmation that I am doing His will. That I am being a useful tool in His hands.

Today as I pondered my prayer was answered and 
I felt powerfully - GOD'S LOVE. 
This is what I recorded in my study journal -

"I like to think about God in all His greatness and glory and power and then to think about myself..a simple soul among billions, with blond hair and blue eyes - 
who loves to learn and laugh. 
Who loves God and His son Jesus Christ and 
His perfect plan for me. 
Then to ponder on the fact that God knows ME..
Grace Caroline 
He knows my heart and soul. 
He is familiar with my blue eyes and blond hair. 
He knows what I love, what I am afraid of and He sees who I can become. I can't believe that my simple soul is GREAT in the sight of God. That he loves me, more than anyone on earth can and that He does indeed have a specific purpose and plan for me. 
To say that makes me feel special is an understatement - my heart could burst with love and gratitude for that knowledge. For my perfect Father in Heaven. 

I want each of you to ponder in that too. God knows and loves you just the same. 

I'm thankful for the simplicity of mission life. Everyday is simply a chance to try harder, to improve. Then Sunday comes (faster than you can imagine) and we get to partake of the Sacrament, repent for our mistakes and shortcomings and start again. We don't have to worry about things of the world. I love it. I am thankful for trails because we have been given the resources to overcome them. Some people in the world - who don't have the Gospel let their trials beat them. But we can't and don't have to let that happen. We have family and friends and scriptures and church and Prophets and prayer and the Savior of the World. We get to have trails - learning opportunities that strengthen us and allow us to help others. I'm thankful for the Prophet Joseph Smith - that he never gave up. That he was completely consecrated. That he did everything that the Lord commanded Him and that he asked a simple question. I am thankful for all of you. Your love and support and prayers. I am thankful to be a missionary - I love this message with all my heart and I know that it's true. 

Have a good week!! Miss you love you bye <3
Love, Sister G 

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