Monday, October 27, 2014

I Love The Smell of The Rain

Looks like the dance and Halloween party was lots of fun. Missed being there this year. We had a little branch party on Saturday. I did the candy jar guessing game which was a big hit of course - everyone loved it. But Sister D didn't believe me about the jello spitting so that didn't happen..oh well. 

This week consisted of LOTS and LOTS of rain. And we got to spend most of our time outside..really feeling all of it on our faces. I love the smell and the scene of beautifully colored, wet leaves covering the sidewalks. It is a good conversations starter when we show up dripping on someones doorstep and they wonder what in the world we are doing on a night like that!! Hahaha they admire us for our dedication even if they don't want to listen. 

A few highlights from this week we first visiting with Sister Waugh. 

Sister Waugh and her husband were baptized many years ago in New York, soon after their baptism they moved back to Summerside and were the first members on the island. After two years President Packer (the mission president) drove with his family and a car full of missionaries to help build up the church. Sacrament meeting was held in Brother and Sister Waugh's home for awhile until the little chapel was built. Theirs is a story of faith and commitment. It is incredible to see how the church has grown and listening to her recount the early days of the church here on PEI. 

Another highlight was meeting the first two sister missionaries who served in Summerside 30 years ago. They came back this weekend to visit and I loved seeing how excited the members of the branch were - they were treated like celebrities. They seemed to be two incredible missionaries. I loved hearing how their missions truly changed their lives and have impacted them every day since. It inspired me to want to do all I can to love and serve these people so that is if were to return 30 years later they would be able to remember me and my testimony. 

Finally, we visited another sweet member of the branch Sister Mitchell. She had to spend the week in the hospital for stomach pains so we went after church to visit her. She started telling us about all of the nurses and patients that she had given pass along cards to. Then the elders came to bring her the sacrament and I have never seen anyone that excited to take the sacrament. She had the biggest smile on her face the whole time. That reminded me of how important the sacrament truly is and what a blessing it is to partake of it each week. We cannot take it for granted. 

I spoke in church yesterday - my topic was Elder Christofferson's talk from this past conference. "Free Forever to Act for Themselves" it is an inspiring talk. It focus on our agency and how we must use it to choose to follow Christ so that we can become the people that God truly intended for us to be. I will send my talk home maybe because I don't have time to explain more about what I said...sorry!

I just want each of you to know that I am so thankful for the light that you bring into my life. 
I am grateful that we have each been given our agency and that we can choose every day to use it for good. To serve, lift and love those around us. 
I am thankful for the Book of Mormon that teaches us to "pray always, and not faint;". 
am happy that the smell of rain reminds me that the world is such a beautiful place to live in even when it's wet. 
There is something GOOD in every day. 
We are beautiful in God's eyes even when we fall short, even when we grumble. 
We can't even comprehend His love. 
Knowing that we are sons and daughters of God enables us to reach our full, divine potential. 

I love the scripture in Doctrine and Covenants 58: 27-28 that says, " Verily I say, men should be anxiously engaged in a good cause, and do may things of their own free will, and bring to pass much righteousness...inasmuch as men do good they shall in nowise lose their reward." 


I love all of you and have so many thoughts that take too much time to put onto paper..or the computer. So I am sorry. But know that you make me happy.

Miss you :)
Love, Sister G

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