Monday, October 13, 2014

Living in THANKSGIVING Daily!


It's weird for me to celebrate this in October but really we should "live in thanksgiving daily" so I'm just thankful for another day of the year that I get to reflect on my countless blessings and all that I am thankful for. 

I recently got a letter form my aunt Natalie - she was telling me about tender mercies. How there are so many blessing that Heavenly Father gives us everyday - what we would call tender mercies, and really it is up to us to recognize them. When we do we are happier, more grateful, humble people. 

Natalie told about the tender mercy of a rainbow. How the day my cousin (Theo) was born, there was a beautiful rainbow in the sky. 18 years later they dropped Theo off at the airport to go to the MTC and that very same day they went on a hike, looked off into the world and saw the most beautiful rainbow. She knew at that moment that God was aware of her and her family. That He was so proud of Theo and that everything was going to be ok. I loved that story. The past week and from now on I have set a goal to write down a tender mercy everyday before I go to bed - no mater how tired or busy I am!! It has been good for me to stop and realize the blessings that came throughout the day - in many different ways. Some people might not have viewed them as a blessing but it is all up to us - and our perspective - I chose to see them as blessings and that made me happier.  

I wish I had time to go into detail and explain context and everything but I just don't - one day we can sit down and talk about all of these little blessings.. 


1.The stars in the nighttime sky and the sun setting over the distant lighthouse on the water.

2. A package from mom telling me that she loved me and was proud of me.

3. We played soccer at sports night!!!!!!!! (I scored two goals and was extremely sore the next day).

4. An interview with President Leavitt - helping me realize that simply changing one person's life - even if that life is my own - is can impact generations because you chose to be faithful.

5. After a heartfelt prayer we received three referrals in one night when the whole week we had asked EVERYONE and had been given none up to that point.

6. A letter from Papa on a day when I really needed it.

7. The time when I saw a glimpse of my companion through my Savior's eyes and I grew to love her so much more.

8. The sacrament

Those are just a few but how thankful I am to see God in every detail of my life. He truly cares about us. 

Today i am especially grateful for my family, for my friends and the amazing examples that encourage and inspire me every day. I am thankful for the Book of Mormon that helps me know what to do. For my Savior, for prayer and fasting, for the people that I meet everyday, for my name tag, my bed and my health, my winter coat that I have already started wearing. For my knowledge of the Gospel. For the Prophet. For every new day, for second chances, for goals and dreams and LIFE!!!!! 

SORRY this is short but know that I am happy and grateful and well. Everything is amazing in this beautiful life we have been given.  Have the best week and I'll talk to you soon. 


XOXO Sister Gochnour

scripture references to look up..because I don't have time to type them...:/ 

ALMA 34:38 

and 1 NEPHI 1:20

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