Monday, November 24, 2014

Light Up The Tree

Amherst and Sister G by the Sea
 HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL OF YOU and happy birthday to my cute cousin ADELIDE!! 

It is very very cold here but it's funny because when Sister Coleman and I are out talking to people and we comment on how freezing it is, people look at us like "you are weird.. and from out of town, this is balmy for us. Just wait until January!!" hahaha yayy :/ it's amusing for them to see how freezing we are. And funny for us to be so unbelievably cold - however, they might be a little bit colder if they spent all day outside like we do..

Everyone in Amherst comes out for the little Christmas celebration KICKOFF.  SO HAPPY! 
On Friday there was a "light-up" . We thought there were going to be lots lights, all through the streets, that would light up like the town in Cars, but the build up was much more than the presentation. They basically just lit up two big trees but the countdown was exciting :) then everyone moved into the Baptist church and we sang Christmas carols, then we all walked up the street to a department store, Dayles, and they had cute Christmas displays set up all around the store and more carols were sung. The next day we went to a Christmas parade. It was long but fun to see all the people there supporting the community. 

Christmas in Amherst
We started teaching a 15 year old boy named Conner and his grandpa, Paul. They are from England and have been meeting with missionaries on and off for a long time. They really want to be baptized but Paul is still dealing with some word of wisdom issues and doesn't feel like Conner knows enough yet so we are looking forward to helping them. The senior couple here, the Lockheart's, are amazing and I love them so much, they are team teaching with us. 

In church yesterday there was a talk given on PRIDE. It gave me a lot of things to think about, a chance to evaluate where I am at - because we all struggle with pride - and where I can improve. 

The Book of Mormon teaches us the consequences of pride. Practically an entire nation was brought to destruction because of their pride. Many times in our lives when asked to do something we think "how is this going to help me?" That is a prideful question. We must then recognize Christ want us to turn out. He wants us to ask "what is this going to do for someone else" or "what can I do for someone else" - despite anything you may have to give up in the process. The other is evidenced in our fear of opening our mouths and sharing the Gospel. Often people think "oh they will think I am weird or pushy if I talk about my faith" Or in other circumstances we fear man, we get caught up in "what would others think of me?" That is a manifestation of pride. We should be only striving to please God, thinking rather "what would GOD think of me?" That is the humble approach. God wants me to share the Gospel. God wants me to treat others with love and kindness. God wants me to see the good in myself and others and not compare myself to the world or people around me who have more, who are better looking or smarter. Let us resolve this week to be a little better at turning out. Of thinking about what we can do for others and pondering on the question "what would God think?"

I love you all. I am so happy to have the gospel in my life. I am so happy that i get to share it and raise a warning voice of the consequences of sin and pride. I am thankful for the Book of Mormon and the examples of the faithful, humble people contained therein. I am grateful for the patience of others especially when i fall short. I am grateful for the cold because it makes me appreciate more fully the warmth.

Love you and miss you all.
Love, Sister Gochnour

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