Monday, January 19, 2015

The Blood Clinic, The Book Of Mormon AND The Bridge

Bridge to Charlottetown, PEI
Hiiiiiiiiii I am so happy to talk to you today. It is positive degrees out which is crazy, eh? But again - I can't complain. This winter has been sooooo up and down, freezing then cold, rain and snow and wind. But ohhh well. We just go with it :)

On Tuesday we decided to go to the blood clinic to donate blood as a service opportunity plus there are always a lot of great people to talk to while you are donating.. Sadly, my iron was too low so Sister Coleman went ahead alone. Everything went well, we chatted with the friendly workers and ate cookies and drank juice boxes when she was done. No problems - so we left. As soon as we sat down in the car (she was in the drivers seat) she whispered "I feel a little light headed" and then her head fell, I lifted her up and saw her eyes rolled back while she made weird gurgling noises. That was one of the scariest moments of my life. Going against all I had ever known (STAY WITHIN SIGHT AND SOUND OF YOUR COMPANION AT ALL TIMES) I said to my unconscious companion "wait here, I'll be right back" because that is what fell out of my mouth..and I ran back into the clinic for help. I was shaking more than Sister Coleman but everything worked out ok. Sister Coleman rested that afternoon and was ready to work by that evening. 

We have seen great success with the members and less actives over the last few weeks. It seems that everyone is so excited to read the Book of Mormon and their testimonies are growing. One member, Debi joined the church a few years ago and never seemed to make it passed(past?) 1 Nephi - she struggles with the unfamiliar words and has a difficult time understanding the story line so we have begun reading with her a few times a week. She loves it!! She wishes we could come EVERY DAY. It is amazing to see her love for the Book of Mormon grow and the light that enters her eyes as she understands it better and feels the love of God through it's pages. It was exciting for her when she found out that Christopher Columbus is prophesied of by Nephi. There is no denying that the Book of Mormon is true if only more people would READ it with REAL INTENT and PRAY about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Missionary work would EXPLODE. I love the Book of Mormon - I know that through it God speaks to us and can strengthen us in our individual and unique trials.

We got to go on an unexpected exchange this weekend with the Charlottetown sisters!!!! The 10(ish) mile bridge stood beautifully in contrast with the white frozen water underneath. I stayed on the island while Sister C came back and worked in Amherst. It was a wonderful experience. I was in ward again for church yesterday which was very different, it has been a long time since I have seen that many people at church! They were all so friendly. I have grown to love meeting new people and witnessing the difference the gospel has made in the lives of all who live it. The church really is true no matter where you go - what a blessing it is. I worked with Sister Aslett who is from England so I got to listen to her accent all weekend!! AND I got to see Sister Turner again which always makes me SO HAPPY!! 

LAST THOUGHT - I read a talk that my aunt Natalie sent me this week - it was about HOPE (link). President Uchtdorf says - "There may be times when we must make a courageous decision to hope even when everything around us contradicts this hope. Like Father Abraham, we will “against hope [believe] in hope.”  Or, as one writer expressed, “in the depth of winter, [we find] within [us] an invincible summer.” 

What a beautiful thought. "An invincible summer." I believe that HOPE helps us be HAPPY even in the depth of the cold Canadian winter. I believe that God want us to have HOPE in Him and our Savior and to allow that HOPE to change us and propel us forward. I am so thankful to share this message of HOPE with the world. 

Never give up. Never get down. SMILE. Work hard and you will be happy!! Love you with my whole entire heart <3
Love, Sister G 

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