Tuesday, May 26, 2015


in the mall

I love hearing from you all!! Will I've been praying for you every day - I hope you know that. I'm sure you did fantastic on the MCAT - you worked hard and studied hard and you will be blessed. I am proud of you! And jake keep being amazing. I'm cheering you on from all the way over here - good luck in your game today!! Leave it all on the court  

We have had quite the week. We found two new investigators!!!! Sam is 18, she requested a free copy of the Book of Mormon on kijiji. She has a strong faith in Christ and really loves our Savior. She asked if we could meet her at the Tim Horton's, she had walked there and it was a little cold outside. When she arrived I offered to buy her something. I hadn't thought about this before but Tim's is a coffee shop - everyone orders coffee there - I was SO worried that she was going to order a coffee and I would have no idea what to do..a missionary buying her investigator a coffee doesn't look too good. We are to AVOID ALL APPEARANCE OF EVIL!! Luckily, she ordered some chocolate thing (that was a major relief). She was grateful for the Book of Mormon and excited to learn more. She was fascinated by the fact that our church is organized exactly the same way that Christ had organized it anciently. We have living, modern apostles and prophets!! A few days later we were knocking and met Shaniece, she is 20 and was excited when she found out we were Mormon. Turns out she lived in Utah for 3 years attending a boarding school type thing in Provo Canyon. She grew up in foster care and has been through a lot of pain and abuse. I could tell as I talked with her and looked in her eyes that she is a special person and that she needs to know that Christ is there. That He loves her and understands her. We went in right then and had a great lesson. She wanted to know mainly about what happens after we die because she felt confused. I love bearing testimony of the Atonement and the fact that we will all be resurrected and given the opportunity to choose eternal happiness in the life to come. She found great comfort in knowing that God does indeed have a plan. 

We also put on a mall booth this week. It was a lot of fun. We came up with several true and false statements about our beliefs {Example - Mormon don't drink coffee - Mormons have more than one wife - Joseph Smith wrote the Book of Mormon - Mormons fast once a month - Mormons dance - Mormons believe God and Jesus Christ are two separated beings - etc.} It was interesting to see how little people understand about our church. And how mislead many of them are. They couldn't believe that we don't drink coffee, "everyone drinks coffee!!". It was a good way to bear simple testimony and to be seen in the community. Hopefully one day all of these people will know the truth. For now, at least a seed was planted. 

This time through the Book of Mormon I have been highlighting every reference to "heart". I am saddened by how often the people "hardened their hearts" against the Lord and how quickly "they were lifted up in the pride of their hearts" Satan goes for the heart. It is the one thing that belongs to us..it is ours to give or retain. Satan does all he can to make our hearts cold and to turn them away from God. On the other hand, God softens hearts, He changes hearts and allows our hearts to rejoice and be filled with love. He teaches us what we must do to have happy hearts, hearts that are clean and pure. Hearts that are full. Hearts that understand and are changed. I have felt the importance of shielding and protecting my heart from temptation, from pride and the things of the world (riches, power, possessions). Our hearts are precious and only when we turn them to God can they be safe. DO NOT HARDEN YOUR HEARTS RATHER LIVE WITH CHEERFUL HEARTS and happy faces  

Remember that we have so much to be grateful for. There are people around us every day who are struggling, who are afflicted and burdened. I have witnessed this first hand. We must remember to love more completely, to not judge and not get frustrated or impatient with another. You never know what "crosses" they are being asked to carry. Be grateful for your blessings. I am grateful for my health and my family. I am grateful for the safety and the freedom we enjoy. I am grateful for the power and authority of God - the Priesthood that we have available in our lives. I am grateful for the trees that are blooming and the sun that is warm. I am grateful for the love and support you offer me. Thank you for your prayers. 

I love you with all my HEART!

Until next week 
xoxo Sister G 

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