Monday, May 18, 2015

"Perfect In Trying"


Sounds like things are going well in rainy SLC. I can't believe the school year is ending so fast and summer is coming so soon. Life is exciting. 

We have had quite the week. I think they call the rain that we experienced "spitting rain" not sure if that is real or made up in my head but it makes sense. Sister Drew used to say that it was like someone was squirting you directly in the face with a spray bottle. It's pretty funny but that is exactly what it feels like. Bizarre misting rain that soaks you and makes it hard to see. LOVE IT!!! 

On Wednesday after district meeting, President and Sister Leavitt came to interview us in our apartment. They are travelling around the whole mission together - visiting all of the missionaries and doing final interviews before they go home. They are remarkable people. During my interview President asked how my 5BX was going (that's the exercise program that we do every morning) I told him that it was going well and he asked for more details. I said that I now do 55 push-ups and a plank (only a minute and a half) every morning and night. He was totally shocked. So..after my interview Sister Leavitt and Sister Tegge came out and President and I got down - in suit and skirt and did a 2 minute plank together as we recited "our commission" and "the standard of truth." It was pretty funny. A moment I'll never forget, President is the best!

Saturday was a HOT day and we were out knocking in the morning. We weren't far from our home which, if you remember, is out in the country. That means BUGS! So many bugs..hornets..gnats (if that's how you spell it)..etc everywhere!! Some even chased us off of the doorstep at some houses. Anyway, around noon we headed back to our apartment for lunch. When we arrived, to our HORROR, there were countless spiders crawling all over the door frame and windows and the siding of our house. It was absolutely disgusting. Instead of opening the door, we got right back into the car and went to buy some spider killer. Then we ended the lives of all of them..I felt a little bit bad but I really didn't want them in our house. I think they are in a better place..we haven't seen one since ;)

We went back to see Wayne yesterday. We woke him up from a nap but he is friendly and a talker so he came out to talk to us. He said that he hadn't read much but he had thought about it and he did want us to come back. He said "don't give up, I promised I would read it." So I'll keep you posted! And it turns out his cousin is a member here. She lives really far away though so it's hard for her to make it to church.

I also got a letter from dad this week that I really appreciated. I loved this part "Natalie made a presentation this week at a meeting I attended and she mentioned a conversation she had with Governor Norm Bangerter who passed away this week. He was asked what accomplishments he was most proud about from his 8 years as Governor and his response was, "I didn't duck." I love that. He met all challenges and difficulties head on, without ducking or trying to avoid or hide from them." That is an accomplishment. Life can throw some pretty difficult, heavy things at us. But we should meet them head on and with faith in our Savior - this is when character is built. 

Ok one last thing. I'm not sure if I have mentioned this quote in a previous letter but this week we had a branch movie night and watched "Meet the Mormons." My favorite quote in the movie is from Bishnu Adhikari - the humanitarian from Nepal. He says, "I'm not perfect, but I am prefect in one thing - I'm prefect in trying." I think that is a significant statement. I used to believe that when I neared the end of my mission I would be pretty close to perfect (oh dear), I thought I would have most things figured out and we would be having immense success...I have quickly learned that this is not the case. I am still so far from perfect. I still have struggles and trials. I still make mistakes. And some days are still plain HARD. But I do believe that I am better at trying. I have a better understanding of why I am here and what Heavenly Father requires of me. I know that if I try my best - He will bless me and help me. So remember that if you are upset because of your many imperfections, all you need to do is keep trying. Be perfect in that.

It is only when we give up or give in that Satan can have power over us. SO I am going to keep trying. Keep moving forward!! 

I LOVE YOU!! I hope you have a fantastic week. 

Love, Sister G 

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