Sunday, July 5, 2015

It Is Almost CANADA DAY! July 1st, 2015


It continues to rain here..but that doesn't stop the work from progressing!! 
We had a good week..and laughed a lot. Sadly many of the people we were teaching have slowly faded away for several different reasons but Heavenly Father has opened new doors! One day we were driving around for too long trying to find some former investigators. After stopping by several who were not home we re-evaluated where we needed to be. We said a prayer and felt like we needed to go knocking. There was a street that had been on my mind for a few days but I didn't actually know how far away it was - we had already been driving around a lot and I just wanted to get out and talk to people, my patience was wearing down..we put the name of the street in the GPS, it said we would arrive about 15 minutes later. So we took off, our precious little GPS took us a very scary, long, interesting way (on dirt roads and up large hills covered in massive potholes - remember our road trip mom? HWY B hahaha) but we finally arrived. We prayed again before we left that though we had been driving too much we were ready to work as long as we needed to to find someone prepared. We pleaded for the Spirit and went to work. The second person we talked to knew some members of the church, his wife had been given a Book of Mormon years ago and she had read the whole thing, We had a great conversation with him and each of us had the opportunity to bear testimony. In the end he told us he was happy where he was at and we said goodbye. About a half hour later we knocked on another door. A woman was leaving (the mom) and we started a conversation up with her and her son (who she had been visiting). As we talked about our message, how it helps us understand the purpose of life and can strengthen us to deal with the problems and challenges we all face - they just looked at each other, amazed. It was as if we were an answer to his prayers. He explained that he is going through a difficult time and that he'd love to learn more. We are going to teach him tonight!! I know that we needed to be there at that exact moment to talk to him. "All things [are done] in the wisdom of Him who knoweth all things." 2 Nephi 2:24

We had a few very funny moments this week, we were trying to prepare an object lesson on how the scriptures can protect us from Satan. Sister Lund told us that if you put your finger (completely straight) on the edge of a Book of Mormon and then slam it with a soup won't hurt!! We thought that was cool and interesting so we decided to test it out and make sure it worked before we slammed a can on someone's finger..Sister Hardy volunteered her finger and I filmed it all. I'll show you all the video someday but we quickly learned (the hard way) that IT DOESN'T WORK!! Sister Hardy had a throbbing finger for the rest of the night. It was hilarious..and sad. (missionaries are so trusting!!)

Today President and Sister Pratt arrive!!!!! We get to have another zone conference this week! I am excited to meet them and to hear their testimonies. President Leavitt told us that during the MTC and the beginning of our missions it's like we are trying to drink water out of a fire hose..haha I thought that was a funny image and SO TRUE! He asked us to be patient and kind to the Pratt's as they are adjusting. I know they will do an incredible job. I can't believe that the Leavitt's are actually leaving. This week I was able to have an exit interview with President. It was great to be able to talk about my mission, my companions and all that I've learned. He asked me...

"What 3 pieces of advice I would give to a new missionary..
it's difficult to choose but this is what came to my mind - 
1. The Book of Mormon is the most powerful tool in conversion - it changes hearts. 
2. We can choose to be happy. 
3. The little things are really the big things. "

I am so grateful for President and Sister Leavitt - I learned so much about hard work and faith from their examples. I'll never forget the powerful testimony I gained of fasting and prayer as we did so as a mission when President Leavitt's health was failing. I am grateful that they both made me laugh..A LOT. Today in President's final letter he talked about NEVER GOING BACK TO WHO WE USED TO BE. Our missions are meant to change us forever. He promised us that they will not go fishing (like Peter did after Christ had died) that they will still be missionaries, that they will still be constantly reaching out. That's the wonderful thing about our missions - they never really end! 

I hope you know I love you. I hope you know that you have strengthened me and helped me feel happy. Your constant love and support means the world to me. 

Have the best week!!
Love, Sister G 

PS - Happy Anniversary (yesterday) to Mom and Dad - 31 years! And Ralph and Abby - 2 years..that went way too fast. Thanks for being examples to us all. I LOVE YOU!

And also Happy Birthday to Grandpa and Laura last week..sorry this is late but I hope you both had a very special day. 

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