Monday, March 3, 2014


Bula family!!!
   Hope you are all happy and remember that I miss you - always!! 
Tons has happened this week! Monday we had dinner at the Hendrickson's to say bye to Sister Lewis and Elder Wolsey. That was nice. 

Tuesday and Wednesday we spent mainly running around to visit members, less actives and recent converts that we are working with so Sister Lewis could say her goodbyes - she shared with many of them the story in Mark, Ch. 9, where the Father is begging for Christ to heal his disabled son. Christ asks the father if he will believe - the father replies, "Lord, I believe. Help thou mine unbelief" - Christ performed countless miracle, all for those who believed. I love that. 
meet my new companion Sister Turner!  
Thursday we left early in the morning for Moncton - there I met many more missionaries (it's fun to see so many missionaries together in one place :) ) including Elder Erickson!! Then I said goodbye to Sister Lewis - which was sad and happy because I picked up Sister Turner. She is amazing, she is a year older than me and A LOT taller ;) she is from Calgary, Alberta but played basketball at SLCC so she loves Utah! She is so sweet ad outgoing. She is already making me a better missionary and I know I can learn a lot from her. I am excited and anxious to find out what the Lord has in store for us.
I will be forever grateful for this amazing missionary Sister Lewis!!

   After heading back to Fredericton we decided to end the night knocking. We started in the apartments nearby and after about five doors.... 
a lady let us in immediately 
(I was dying inside - SO SO happy) 
then we sat down and started teaching her!! I bore my testimony on living Prophets and the Book of Mormon - then we committed her to baptism!! She said that she was not ready yet because there was a lot she didn't understand BUT we told her that was ok, and that we would help her be ready - and she agreed to be baptized on April 12. Her name is Amanda, she is 42 years old with two children. She is a Muslim but not practicing, she was very sweet. We have not been able to meet with her since and she couldn't come to church because of work but whatever Heavenly Father has planned for her - whether she will be ready now or later doesn't matter because THAT was a miracle to ME. I left the lesson on the verge of tears, Sister Turner told me I did amazing and gave me a hug, I was SO HAPPY!!! 

   President called and joked that Fredericton wasn't allowed to teach investigators..and then he congratulated us and offered advise. He is so great. We have zone conference tomorrow back in Moncton so I am looking forward to that. And we were able to watch the CES Devotional last night at the Hendrickson's with the Elders - that was an answer to my prayers. I am happy and well - things are looking up and the sun still isn't ready to warm us but that's ok, hopefully it will soon :0

   Sara also sent me the talk that Adelide wrote about in her letter - The Miracle of a Mission by Elder Holland. It was profound and inspiring. I too held back tears as I realized how important this work is that I get to be a part of. The miracles I get to witness. And the team that I get to be on. Elder Holland tells us to "start fast, run hard and to the tape! You can rest later...we just want 18 months from you. So start now. Just don't look back. Just put your face to the sun and put your shoulder into this work, and give it everything you've got and savor every day!" 

I am amazed how my testimony continues to grow more and more everyday. I am humbled by the love and support I feel from everyone in my life and especially my Savior. I am so thankful to know that this is exactly where I am meant to be right now. That I am doing something that Heavenly Father NEEDS me to be doing. I know that our Savior atoned for each of us because he loves us. And that through him we can see miracles. I know that all we have to do is accept His sacrifice and USE His Atonement - everyday - he begs us over and over again in the scriptures to come unto Him, to repent and have faith. To endure. To use the gift that he DIED to give us. Let us all be more willing to come unto him because he will save us - I know it. 

  The Gospel changes lives  
it's changing mine. 
Love you all, have the best week!!

Love, Grace Caroline

Sister Lewis from Brighton High School off to speak French and Elder Erickson from Skyline High School !! 

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