Monday, May 26, 2014

Come What May and LOVE IT....

Sister Herbert, Fredericton, New Brunswick

Hi I'm thankful that I get to hear from you all today because you make me happy, you make me feel like everything is going to be ok, you give me strength for tomorrow so THANK YOU. The last few days have been...interesting to say the least..

I think the fact that I read Elder Worthlin's talk - 
At the beginning of this week was Heavenly Father preparing me for transfers. My two AMAZING packages came the day before I left and I loved them more than you will ever know. I was so happy and so grateful. 

Packed and ready for my new adventure !?
Then we had to get our apartment cleaned, our area book updated, say our goodbyes and pack up EVERYTHING which was a little stressful but again - 
my prayers were answered and by Thursday morning my bags were packed and we were ready to go. We saw several miracles at the end of our time in Fredericton. I really do miss it there. We worked as hard as we could despite our limited time and we found several promising potential investigators for the new sisters, we still contacted several people and we felt so happy to have Heavenly Father's help. SO this transfer was crazy SO many missionaries were moving around and we got to see many of them which was fun and yes we did get to see Sister Hendrickson - she gave us smart pop and screamed as we came in the door - she is so cute ad I love her and miss her. 
my new companion SISTER DREWS

Then I met my new companion - Sister Drew - she is 20 and also from Alberta. She is hilarious, and fun and I am excited to work with her. We drove to New Glasgow and had no clue what to do, where to go..or even the address to our apartment. This mission is teaching me a lot about going with the flow, and figuring things out on my own. We were just there in a new (tiny) town with a bunch of one way streets, a torn apart map and yep that's it. We drove around for several minutes before finding our apartment - but we found it so we were happy. It was the elders apartment..and basically I was getting flashbacks of apartment #1 in Fredericton. It's dirty and the food in the fridge is OLD and moldy. They didn't leave very detailed notes so it's been an adjustment - plus Sister Drew doesn't exactly know what is going on -  which I don't blame her 
(I don't really either) but the other sisters that are here have helped a lot and I KNOW that Heavenly Father is looking out for us. He is helping us find our way and He is grateful that we are trying. All things get better in time. I was a little stressed out when I finally got to take a minute and read my dear elder's from Sara (they had been at the mission home forever) right then my prayers were answered -Sara wrote - "I felt prompted to tell you that tomorrow will take care of itself." Take no heed for tomorrow or the next day or a month from now. Be happy today - though the letter was written several weeks ago I know that Heavenly Father saved it for me because he knew I would need it right then.

After that I decided to start a gratitude journal -  I really do have so many things to be grateful for so this is what I came up with for the past week:

I'm grateful that even though we drove the WRONG way down a one way street (twice) we didn't crash or die..

I'm grateful that I get to drive a white truck - it's cute and cool (I'm the only Sister in the mission with a truck :) )

I'm grateful that Heavenly Father is helping me find my way around

I'm grateful that I am so tired at night that the fact that I don't have a pillow to sleep on doesn't bother me (the elders took the pillows but I'll get one soon)

I'm grateful that there is a dairy queen here...JK

I'm grateful that we have a pull up bar - to remind me of the glory days. Sadly I can hardly do one..but I made it a goal to be able to do 3 before I leave (I've been practicing every day)

I'm thankful that we have a small map even though it's torn because it helps guide us

I'm thankful that my hair is still blond even though I am living in a never ending winter ;)

I'm thankful for the sweet Branch here who love the missionaries and want to do all they can to help us

I'm thankful for Brother Smith who took us out to dinner the second night we were here..He took us on a tour of Pictou which is the cutest place ever!! We walked past the tiny shops on main street, and we got to see the ocean (Pictou is the first pace the people arrived in Nova Scotia)

I'm thankful for puffy (my coat) who still keeps me warm
And I'm thankful for a Savior who understands everything that I'm going through, who sends help, who is patient, and who loves me for trying.

I love New Glasgow and I know I am supposed to be here. It is small and darling. It smells bad because of the Paper Mill factory but I'll get used to it..Heavenly Father thinks I can do this so I won't let him down - I can't. I feel so much peace despite the responsibility that has been placed on my shoulders and I am truly grateful. 

There are a lot of things that have come my way but I really do love it. I love to laugh at myself and these crazy situations. I love to be challenged because it helps me grow closer to God. And I just love all that I am learning and being prepared for!! I'm becoming an excellent map reader and a crazy driver. 

Thanks mom for telling me that I am a good listener because lately I haven't felt like I am but I am working on it - I'm trying to be better at listening to the Spirit and others to truly discern their needs and their concerns. Your support and encouragement means so much!! Again, you ALWAYS know what to say!! Thank you

My new address is 168 Grant Street #26
                             New Glasgow, NS
                             B2H 3Y5

Happy Day! ALL IS WELL!
Love you and miss you. Good luck with everything this week. You are in my prayers.

Sister Turner - now in Halifax and Sister AP! LOVE HER!

So grateful for the Heninger's

casual tanks rolling down the street in F-town??

the way I listen to MUSIC - HIGH TECH!

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