Monday, May 5, 2014


Hello people!! Hope this week was incredible.  Tell Abby HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! She should be getting something in the mail soon - sorry it's late. LOVE YOU ABS. Have the best day - you deserve it. 

We had such a happy week! I don't even know where to start.. 
I guess the big thing I figured out this week is how to be myself...a vital lesson in missionary work. It's a little sad that I just barely figured it out but you live and you learn..the important thing is that I was called here for a reason. I am ME for a reason. I can't be afraid to share what I know. I can't lack faith. I have to believe in the Lord and in myself. I know this stuff. I have a testimony. And the Lord can only trust us when we open our mouths and share it - so I began exercising my faith. I began speaking with love and understanding. And miracles occurred. My faith was strengthened. I am so thankful to be ME. Now every time I am in a situation where it's awkward or I'm not sure how to approach a person or what I can say - I remember "JUST DO IT" that is my calling and the Lord can only work through me when I GO AND DO. It was a lovely lesson.

Sometimes I get worried that I won't live up to my expectations. That i won't reach my full potential. SO I thought about it a lot this week and "Just Do It" are the words that kept coming to my mind (good old nike). I just have to work and labor with all my might. I don't have to be the BEST. That's not what Heavenly Father expects. He simply wants me to TRY my best!! That's all He expects from each of us. TO TRY OUR VERY BEST. Then to "stand still and know that HE is God"

Last night it was pouring rain - POURING and we were out knocking because we felt prompted to go to a street and we knew that we needed another lesson to reach our goal so we were going to knock in the pouring rain until we found one. It was fun, our hair was slicked back and beautiful (haha..), water dripped down our faces like sweat and we were excited. We went from door to door testifying of our Savior (or trying to) but NO ONE wanted to listen. Sometimes we only had enough time to say "Hi" before they closed the door. Other times we were able to say  "Hi..I'm Sister Gochnour and we are missionaries for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" before the door slammed. The fact that we were soaked to the bone and had thus far been unable to invite anyone to change their lives was starting to get to us.. but we still had 45 minutes before we had to leave so we kept going. We were not going to give up. Finally I knocked on a door. Introduced myself and shared a little bit about our message. Sarah let us in. She is about 16 or 17 and just lives with her mom (who was out of town). An hour before we got there Sarah had been watching youtube videos about a Mormon Family in Utah and the particular one she watched told about their son leaving on a mission. SO that was all she knew about Mormons. She said that her mom was Muslim but not practicing and that she was very open to other religions. Sarah told us that she didn't really believe in God but she was open to the idea. We taught her a short lesson and helped her recognize that God loves her and simply wants her to be happy. Sarah prayed at the end of the lesson - though she had never prayed before. It was a beautiful, sweet, miraculous moment for me. She is so prepared and we are so thankful that Heavenly Father led us to her. We are meeting with her again on Wednesday. I know that the Lord answers our prayers and  always provides a way for us to accomplish our righteous desires. Though it was still raining and windy when we left - neither of us had ever been so happy. 

That was just the end of a long week of miracles..sweet and simple tender mercies that we were blessed with. I couldn't be more grateful for this work and for my Savior who never ceases to amaze me. He keeps sending blessings even though I fall short and make mistakes every day. I love Him. We have been listening to the talks from this past conference as we drive in the car and I loved hearing President Uchtdorf's talk again - having an attitude of gratitude. Being grateful NO MATTER WHAT. When we take time to think of our many blessing despite the thunder storms and trials of life - none of us can help but smile and thank Heavenly Father because we are ALIVE and we have so much potential, so much ahead of us. We have the map of life that leads us HOME. In our finding we have started asking people - what makes them happy - I love it. Every time we ask someone that, they smile and then tell us what they cherish, what they hold dear (sometimes we get awkward answers like "my girlfriend" or "food") but every conversation leaves the person feeling a little bit happier and more grateful. Then we have the wonderful opportunity of telling them what makes us happy!! The Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the ultimate key to happiness. UGH I'm just SO HAPPY!!!!! I hope you are too. Ask yourselves that today - what makes you happy? Then smile. Then go and thank Heavenly Father for giving you that thing that makes YOU HAPPY!!

Ok know that I love you. That I love this work. That i (now) love talking to strangers. That I love my Savior. That I love the knowledge I can be with my amazing family forever. And that you all make me happy!!

Let us all go and do!! Like Elder Ballard said at the CES devotional last night - Don't worry about the great and spacious building. Put on the whole armor of God. Heavenly Father needs you NOW!! Stand up for truth and righteousness. DO NOT SHRINK.

Wow i love you. Bye
Love, Sister G

PS: Tell the family thank you for the cute easter letters and papa - that i loved his letter. And jaren if you see him that a letter is on its way....THANK YOU!!
still raining!!

easter eggs!!

this is our attempt to get our bikes to the bike shop!!?? hope they stay on!


YAY - I got the package!!!

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