Tuesday, August 5, 2014

"Who against hope believed in hope.." Romans 4:18

Dear all of you people that i love so much...

Hope you are having a really good day. I saw a momma deer and a baby deer so that was cute. "DK" (dessert king) Willy - I hope you had a great birthday. I love you and am so thankful to have a big brother like you. A small package should arrive this week..:) 

Today we are going to Cole Harbour for a visit with our sister training leaders..we are pretty excited for the road trip. And I will get to see the temple again and probably Sister Hendrickson..YAY!!!!

It has been a good week - nothing crazy has happened but we met a few amazing and interesting people of course. 

One man we met was named Brent. He was sitting on a bench as we walked by and we decided to talk to him. We walked over and he greeted us and mentioned that he was a christian. Then he preceded to tell us how he came to know Christ and how the past two years of his life - everything that he did was influenced by his knowledge of Jesus Christ. He has made a lot of mistakes in his life and though he has found a church he is comfortable in and his life is centered on Christ we could tell that there was a piece of his puzzle missing. 

Sister Drew and I testified to him of the Book of Mormon. We explained that we cannot convince anyone that the Book of Mormon, or anything that we say is true but God can. We simply invite people to read the Book of Mormon and to ask God if it is true. They are promised then, that they will receive an answer if they ask with a sincere heart and with real intent. They will come to know just like we know. He said that he would allow us to come to his home and share the Book of Mormon with him. Brent has truly been prepared by our Heavenly Father. He hopes that whatever is missing - whether he recognizes it now or not - can be found in this church. What a blessing it is to share this with him.

Two days later in almost the same exact spot we met Becky. 
Becky had three piercings on her lip,her eyes were dark & her head was down. 
She spoke quietly. 
We asked her if she was having a good day 
She replied that she wasn't. 
We invited her to learn more and asked her if she believed in God
She said that she did believe in God but that she was not interested because        she did not agree with organized religions. 
Sister Drew gave her a card to mormon.org and instead of trying to help her        see why she was wrong or why she needs this church..
We simply told her that God loves her so much. 
That he is aware of her and that she is here on earth for a reason. 
He has a divine and perfect plan for her. 

Then we left. 

Sister Drew looked back and told me that she was crying. 
I know that we met Becky for a reason. 
Even if she is not ready for this message right now
I will be forever grateful that we got to help her see that she matters. 
That she is loved by a perfect father & that she means something to the world. I believe that we gave her a tiny glimmer of HOPE.

This is what i have learned about this week. HOPE. 
In Romans we learn about Abraham and Sara - they were old and had not been able to have any children. But Abraham had been promised that he would be the 'father of many nations' and so he never doubted. The circumstances seemed less than ideal. We might have even thought it was impossible for them to have child but in 

Romans 4:18 it reads; "Who against hope believed in hope...
Abraham was full of hope and faith despite his situation. 

What an important lesson for each of us. 
I believe that I have faith. 
I have faith that the next person we talk to will be the one prepared person we have been searching for. 
I have faith that if we work hard we will see success. 
I have faith that the last door we knock on will be THE door..
But I'm not sure I always hope it will be. 
I often lack hope. 
That abiding trust in Heavenly Father's promises that Abraham had. 
I am thankful that because of Jesus Christ there is always HOPE. 
There is no place too dark, no trial to overwhelming, no weakness too overpowering when we have hope and faith in Jesus Christ. 
I love my Savior. I love the people we meet every day. 
I love the scriptures and all that they are teaching me.

Believe in HOPE. Hope for a better world. Hope that those who do not know God will come to know him. 
Hope that we will make it back to our heavenly home someday. 

I love you all. And I miss you. Thank you for letting me serve.

Love, Sister Gochnour
I learned a new braid :)

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