Tuesday, August 26, 2014

"these are days never to be forgotten"

HIII happy first day of school!!! Hope you all have a great day - i love school..;) 

And tell Papa HAPPY BIRTHDAY from me!!! Love you papa - thank you for being the best missionary ever. Thank you for your stories and letters. Thank you for believing in me and teaching me to be strong no matter what. I miss you! 

How are yas? All is well in Nova Scotia. This past week was rainy and a bit cold but this coming week is supposed to be HOT!! So yay - people here always say if you don't like the weather in Nova Scotia..wait five minutes (haha I know they say that about SLC too but here it really is true!!). It changes pretty fast. I can't believe fall is here, football season, school, swiss days and the leaves changing color. Oh i love it.

This week we went to zone conference in Sackville (about an hour and a half away) it was an incredible meeting. There is always so much you can learn and so much inspiration you can receive if you open your heart and listen by the Spirit. This particular conference was great because there are a lot of missionaries going home this transfer - our mission is turning into a baby mission..everyone is YOUNG in terms of mission age - and so the "dying" missionaries all got to bear their testimonies. These are missionaries I have really looked up to and their testimonies were incredible. The Spirit was strong. I wanted to share a few things that stood out to me - 

The statement by Oliver Cowdrey 
"these are days never to be forgotten" 
and truly they are. We are here to change for the rest of our lives. Each of us must overcome the natural man throughout our lives over and over again and that is possible through the Atonement of Christ. Forgetting ourselves and thinking only of others allows our hearts to grow and we become happier. We will always have weaknesses, in fact we will always BE weak but Christ can raise us up. Our weakness can be made perfect in His strength. 

One missionary said - Let your mission give you a new heart - I love that, I want a new heart - one that is more gentle, more pure, and more full of charity. The Savior never quit. He never gave up. His life was HARD. So when you think about quitting, when you are tired and want to give up - think about why you started. Think about why you are here on earth and why your Savior suffered and died for YOU. He never gives up on you. DO NOT QUIT. Sometimes the things we believe and know and testify of will not always make logical sense..but that is why we must know they are true BY THE SPIRIT because then nothing will ever shake them. You will never question or doubt because you not only know that they are true but you feel that they are. The Spirit can confirm all truth. We must pray that God will show us the bigger picture and then be grateful for it. President Leavitt reminded us that this work is REAL. The things we are teaching are not just words..they are REAL. Life and death are real and one day we will see God again. SO we must GO and DO the things that the Lord has commanded - for he will provide a way. 

I am so thankful to be surrounded by such amazing people. They teach me so much every day. 

Sometimes the agency of others is hard. We cannot control the choices people make and that can be frustrating at times but it is all part of the plan and has been from the beginning of time. We are free to choose. So we must always choose to follow the light not the darkness. We must do all that we can to progress, to learn, and to lift those around us and not get caught up in worrying about the choices that others make. We have had some amazing lessons with Alyssia this week. She knows that the things we teach her are true and they have brought her so much hope. It is amazing to see the change in her countenance. And she wants so badly to be baptized. However, her father does not agree or want her to be a part of this. He won't allow it and it breaks her heart and ours because we know that it is true and we know it will change her life. But all she can do is press forward. Hold fast to the truth she has come to know and wait patiently. Heavenly Father has a plan and He always knows what is best. I am thankful for her because of the powerful Spirit of love and understanding I have felt as we have taught her. I know that God loves her and is proud of her and I love her too. 

Well my time is up - so GOD be with you till we meet again. I love you. Let us all press forward in the work of the Lord. Be happy and have fun. LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY!

Love, Sister G

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