Monday, December 8, 2014

Oh Dear This Is SHORT...


It has been a very happy, busy week. I GOT TO GO TO THE TEMPLE!!!!!!!!!!! That was definitely the highlight - it has been almost a year and what a miracle and a blessing it was to be in that beautiful building. We are so lucky to be able to attend the temple. To be taught from on high. To receive clear answers to our prayers and to feel the peace that helps us survive the business of our lives. Go to the temple this week because truly we need it. Following the temple session we were able to attend a missionary leadership council at the mission home with Elder Kacher, he is a member of the Seventy (and gave a talk in this past conference). Elder Kacher is an incredible person, he carries such a strong spirit. 

My time is too short but I wanted to share a valuable lesson that I learned from him. He talked to us about inviting the Spirit into our lives. Each of us has the power and ability to do so. It is the Spirit that helps us understand truth, that helps us learn God's will for our lives, the Spirit brings us joy. As a missionary, if we do not have the Spirit - we will not be able to teach. We will not succeed. The Spirit is so the most valuable thing we can possess. I feel that when we take time to bear our testimonies, or sing a hymn, or recognize the tender mercies of the Lord, or seek out and serve those who are struggling - the Spirit enters into our lives and we are better able to feel God's love. We are happier, there is more peace in our hearts. So I am going to work harder to INVITE the Spirit more fully into my every day life. 

We had a Branch Christmas Party on Friday - we were expecting about 50 people and 75 came!! Somehow we had enough food - like the fishes and the loaves it seemed that nothing was in short supply. More than half of the people who came were less active or non members - it was wonderful!! 

I'm sorry I wish i had more time to write, but I want all of you to know that I love you. And that i am so grateful for the love and support you give me. I couldn't survive without it. I know that when Christ is the center of our lives - we are happier - we are stronger - and more full of hope - lean on Him. He will always carry us through.


Love, Sister g

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