Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Into the green wood...punny

"Rubber Duck" saying good bye to Melinda, Walter, Debi & Sarah

Hi family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Transfer week is always sooo crazy. I was a tiny bit stressed (unless you ask Sister Curtis she'd probably say my hair is going to start falling out again...) There just seemed to be 85 thousand things to do and I didn't feel like we were focusing on the MOST important things. That added more to my stress but it all worked out. It's a new week. Saying goodbye was also challenging. I sort of felt like I was back in Fiji - our last day together in the village we sang "God Be With You Till We Meet Again" and we all cried knowing that the next time we saw them really might be at Jesus' feet, yet those people had left such an impact on my life. I am more likely to see the members in Amherst again but it won't ever be the same. Walter talked about seeing me on the other side and how great that will be. He said, "I'll be waiting for you!" :)

I made it in one piece to the transfer van on Thursday and we drove to the temple. In there I found peace. After that, Sister Tegge and I drove a few more hours in the pouring rain to GREENWOOD! I was exhausted..I'm still exhausted but it's nice to get back to the regular routine of things. 

We live in a cute yellow house (apartment) on the middle of a country road. The branch has about 50 people who come out regularly. They haven't had sisters in over 5 years so they are all very happy to have us and they feed us A LOT!! Sister Tegge is great. I love her and I think we will have fun together. She has made me a green smoothie every morning so far - and german pancakes our first day together. I am lucky! :) 

It is exciting to be in a new place with new people. For some reason I feel more brave. I feel like everyone needs to hear about the Book of Mormon. And even if they don't feel like listening I am going to tell them anyway..until they walk away or shut the door (which happens occasionally and that's fine) We are going to see miracles this transfer, I know it! 

Yesterday there was a a broadcast from Salt Lake to several of the stakes in this area. I particularly liked Elder Andersen's talk about standing as witnesses of Christ and being a "light to the world." He said that our willingness to stand as a witness of Christ will become more and more important in the days to come. Less and less people are believing in God and Jesus Christ and the numbers are continually declining. It is sad but we know what these people need. He talked about several simple things we can do to FAITHFULLY STAND FOR CHRIST - these are a few points I got out of it:
  • Acknowledge God's hand more openly in your life (in your daily conversations)
  • Keep the commandments so that you can radiate more light
  • Listen to the promptings of the Spirit when you seek to share the gospel
  • Pray to be an answer to someone's prayer
  • Use social media to share how knowing Christ has helped you become who you are
  • Have the faith to let your light shine!
I am so grateful for the light that has come into my life through living the gospel and I am also grateful that we have been called to share that light so that others can be happy too. We are preparing the world for the return of our Savior and we must not take that responsibility lightly. 

I love you all to the moon and back several times. Thanks for bringing light to my life.

Love, Sister G  

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