Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Umbrellas AND Ice Skates


SOO hi this week went so fast!! 

The days just keep going..I go to bed tired 
and I wake up tired 
then the day happens (in what feels like three hours) 
and then it repeats! 

I can't believe it is already the middle of march!!!! And Lucy's birthday!!

The title of this thing is kind of random but so is the weather here so it seemed fitting. One day it is a blizzard - total snow storm, the next it is nice outside - warm even but POURING RAIN, we wished we had remembered our umbrella (so thankful for my sorrels that keep my feet dry), and the next day is the coldest yet!!!! All of the melted snow and rain turn to complete ice - everywhere you walk..you slide..it would have been a lot easier to stay on our feet as we traveled up driveways and across parking lots if we had had our ice skates on...SO I'm not sure Spring is actually coming anymore but that's ok - 
I can learn patience.

On Thursday the STL's (sister training leaders) came to do exchanges with us. It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot. We talked to 85 people that day - despite the freezing cold blizzard. 

We went street singing (we sing hymns on the street downtown and talk to people) the snow was falling and it was cold but the spirit was so strong. Everything was quiet and still - all you could hear was our voices as we watched the snow fall to the ground. People said they really enjoyed the music - it was an amazing experience. We also worked on mastering the art of store contacting and actually found a lot of success. We asked people if they knew of places that we could volunteer so then they actually cared to talk with us and it led in perfectly to a discussion about the GOSPEL :)

Friday was the concert! SO FUN. The missionaries are very talented and several nonmembers and less actives came so it was wonderful. Elder Call (senior missionary) is a professor of violin and viola at BYU Idaho and he plays the Orange Blossom Special - it was incredible. He plays that violin SOOOO fast. It reminded me of lucy playing the hoedown - she would have loved it.

Things are really picking up in Fredericton and I love being a part of it. We are working hard and studying hard and seeing a lot of good. We started bus contacting a lot which I love, we just hop on - ride for an hour, basically in circle - talking to people. I'll admit I'm not the best at it yet but I am working hard to replace my fear with faith - and to talk to as many people as I see!!!!

Last night we taught a family!! Sister Turner and Sister Sandberg met Santi at the mall when we were on exchanges. She invited us back and then called us two times during the day to give us her phone number (again) and to make sure we were coming. So CUTE, we were so excited. When we got there she came outside to our car to make sure we knew which house was hers :) then we went inside and she gave us both a BIG hug and took us upstairs to meet the rest of her family! Her mom and 4 other siblings. They are from Nepal and go to a small church with 8 other families from Nepal..but they were excited to hear our message. 

They listened intently and the spirit was strong as we talked about the Atonement, Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. They committed to read and pray. We talked about baptism and had to explain SEVERAL times that they needed to be baptized by the proper Priesthood authority - which they still don't fully understand the difference (because they have been baptized before) but we will continue to work with them and help them understand. The language barrier with them and Santi is a little bit tough. It's hard when they don't fully get what we are teaching but they are so sweet that they just agree ad say yes to everything we ask!!! 

I left the lesson feeling ok but I was a little frustrated because even though the Spirit was strong and they are such good people - I don't think they understand the significance of what we are asking them to do - and I thought that maybe if they did they would not want to do it - I soon repented and humbled myself. THIS IS NOT MY WORK, IT IS THE LORD'S!! 
And I need to have more faith. Like it says in Luke 1:37 "For with God nothing shall be impossible." My only job is to teach simply and powerfully - the rest is up to the Lord and nothing is impossible with him on our side. I am hopeful that they will continue to learn and progress.

I love being a missionary. 
I love Canada and the crazy weather. 
I love Sister Turner and the good things we are working to accomplish so that we can become better missionaries. 
I love the people that talk A LOT and love their cats.???? 
I love learning new things everyday and 
I love my family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I know that this church is true - I KNOW IT. 
I know that nothing is impossible with the God. 
I know that if we put the Lord first in our lives EVERYTHING else will fall into place. 
I am so thankful for every new day. 
A chance to be better and stronger than I was yesterday. 
To be less fearful and more faithful!!

I just want to leave with a message I read from the ensign - Elder Richard G Scott gives us the steps we need to take to find success in life-
1. Establish principles to guide your life
2. Don't make exceptions to your standards
3. Be loyal
4. Live so that the Lord can guide you
5. Serve others
6. Smile
7. Don't complain
8. Always have a church assignment
9. Go to the temple
10. Use the Savior Jesus Christ as your example for life

Look the talk up if you can - Living a Life of Peace, Joy and Purpose

LOVE YOU ALL. Happy birthday to my beautiful little sister you deserve to have the BEST day of your life! 

I love and miss you all every day!!!
Love, Sister G

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