Monday, March 31, 2014

The Climb

So I am now living through a never ending winter...and I'm sorry that you have to hear about the weather AGAIN but it is crazy!! We had two insane blizzards this week. 100 mph winds - causing near death experiences (jk..kinda). Then saturday felt like spring!! The sun was shining and we spent two full hours just walking around outside talking to everyone we saw!! The streets and sidewalks were sooo wet but we were happy. Then after talking to several interesting people we were heading back to our car when someone kindly drove by and sprayed us with a large amount of dirty, stinky was a little bit funny but mostly sad hahaha. 

Of course Sunday was another full blown snow/freezing rain storm. But we were still able to have sacrament meeting with a few faithful (brave) members. The snowy days are some of my favorite meetings though - the testimonies are so sweet and powerful. The spirit was strong and I just sat there so grateful - so full of love for this Gospel, for the chance to partake of the Sacrament and the knowledge that I have that I am on the right path - the path that will lead me home. 

Our investigator Cindy (from taiwan) came!! That was exciting, she said she liked it but she was a little tired....sadly most of our other investigators have been dropped or they dropped us..or they disappeared. They were not yet prepared but we planted a seed and that is so important. 
I have some sad news to share..the Hendrickson's are being transferred to Halifax to work in the mission office. They leave on Saturday - we will miss them so much, they have done so much for the ward and for us but they are needed elsewhere and they will do great things. 
Continuing on with the never stopped. The freezing rain actually hurts when the wind is slamming it into your face. So we spent a good portion of the day inside working on the area book. However, we had a goal to talk to 21 people so that we could reach our weekly goal of 175 contacts. Soo we knew that we had to go find some people to talk to and we were confident that The Lord would provide a way for us to accomplish our goal. We arrived safely on a street (the roads were quite slick but i am becoming an excellent snow driver), as we got out of the car the rain let up and we happily trudged through the large amounts of snow to each door. We knocked for an hour and we reached our goal. We were so happy and thankful - especially for the small miracles like this that we witness everyday. 
Despite the weather there have also been a lot of good things that happened this week. I got a letter from both mom and dad. They were an answer to my prayers and came at a time when I really needed them. I am so thankful for your testimonies, your encouragement and support. The Atonement has become so real and powerful in my life and I was so thankful for the message you shared mom. About the holes in our boat. We limit ourselves - we are the only ones who can. It is vital that we don't compare ourselves with others, that we don't judge and that we do not look down upon anyone. We all make mistakes. We all have holes in our boats but we also ALL have a Savior who loves us and wants to heal us - to repair the holes. To tape up our wounds and fix our sinking life boats. I will be forever grateful for Christ's grace - the knowledge that when we have done all that we can do, he will make up the difference. 

And dad, I loved the story of the woman who wanted to make sure that her reccommend was renewed even though she would soon pass away. She wanted to enter the presence of God - worthy and true to her covenants. She saw the bigger picture. 

I loved being able to watch the women's broadcast because we were again reminded of our worth. That we are precious daughters of Heavenly Father, covenant keeping women, here to help others along the path - with so much to offer and so much potential. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ - so thankful and proud to stand in his place. To work hard so that I can make sure that I say and do what he himself would say and do. I too mom, hope that when I am asked to do something hard, when I need to stand up for the truth that I will not hestiate to say - Here I am. Send me. 
I am so excited for conference next week. I can't wait to hear from President Monson, to learn from him and be strengthened by his testimony. I know that he is called of God to lead us and help us along the path . I am so thankful for the leaders of our church and the light that shines brightly in their eyes. 

I can't believe that tomorrow is my 3 month mark and that transfers are next week - it all seems unreal. Each week a new trial as well as new joys and experiences come along. I had reason to draw closer to my Savior than ever before, this past week. A time or two I felt like I was not good enough..that I was taking on something that is so much greater than me. Then I felt my Savior's love and I learned that my perfect Savior died for me - I am good enough that he actually suffered in my behalf. And then I realized that I should focus less on myself and my abilities and more on my desires. I want to be good. I want to make someone proud. I have a strong desire to choose the right to learn and grow and help others but I have far to go. Heavenly Father knows we cannot be perfect therefore, he does not excpect perfection, he simply expects progress. I am learning that I need to forget myself and give this work all that I've got. 

I am also learning that DESIRE and BELIEF are two very strong words and they count for a lot. They are simple but they mean a great deal to our Father in Heaven. When we have that desire to do good and to believe in Him and in ourselves - it doesn't matter where we started but rather where we are going and where we want to end up. WHO WE BELIEVE WE CAN BE IN THE END. I think the journey is what really matters. Who we meet and who we become along the way. Not the amount of times you fall down but rather the number of times you stand up - stronger and braver than you were before. Like miley says - IT'S THE CLIMB. And we have a Savior to walk beside help us up. I am so thankful for this journey. For every new day that brings me a new chance to be better and to stand a little taller than before. I know that this church is true and that we never walk alone. I know that repentance is for us - it frees us and brings us so much closer to our Savior. I know that the Book of Mormon can answer our questions and provides SO much spiritual strength. My heart is full of gratidude. I am happy

I love you and miss you all
Love, Grace

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